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Automatic Wheel Hub Balancing Machines

1.Automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line 2.12 inch human-machine interface 3.Six-axis linkage, simultaneous processing 4.Short product replacement time 5.Soft-bearing balance measurement system 6.Widely used in balance measurement and correction of water pumps and other products which need remove weight on end face, can be connected to rotor production line to achieve automatic production

Product Details

1.Continuous production beat
2.Convenient to replace the product
3.Human-machine interaction interface, easy to operate
4.Connect the production line to provide fully automatic production
5.Adopting the measuring control system which integrates measuring, control and calculation.
6.The interface is clear and intuitive, convenient for operation and use.
7.It can be connected with unmanned automatic lines etc. equipment
8.The machine can be used for passenger vehicle’s wheel hub, commercial vehicle’s wheel hub and other vehicle’s wheel hub’s dynamic balance detection, light point and heavy point marking, end face runout and radial runout detection

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