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The maintenance of Belt Balancing Machine

Belt drive is utilizing an annular rubber belt or silk annulus, by the belt pulley of a motor rotor drag, so the circle belt drive rotor surface must be smooth cylindrical surface, the balance precision high.

The maintenance of Belt Balancing Machine

1 Are required to keep the balance machine clean, the rail surface should be kept clean, and often oiled.

2. Supporting block or roller surface should be clean, no adhesion of scrap iron and dust and debris, every time before work should wipe bearing block or roller and rotor shaft neck, add a little oil. When the movable supporting frame is moved, the rotor is rotated or the left and the right supporting frame simultaneously move with the same speed,

PHQ-3000 type dynamic balancing machine

PHQ-3000 type dynamic balancing machine

In order to avoid scratches and wear on the surface of the roller and the roller, the rotor is not allowed to be placed on the roller frame to beat or impact.

3 Electric measuring box is the key component of the balancing machine, must prevent vibration and damp, should be properly kept. After the work is finished, turn off the electric measuring box switch.

4 Electric measuring box is not used for a long time, it should be a regular electric heating for several hours.

5 Electrical measuring box panel all the knobs and switches are not free to move, so as to avoid damage to components and error of measurement.

6. Photoelectric head shot glass frequently with lens cleaning paper or lens cleaning cloth wipe clean the outer surface of the lens to keep clean, avoid by all means is used with oil thrum or dirty cloth to wipe the mirror.

7 Balancing machine is a precision testing equipment, should be responsible for the custody and operation.