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Using the balancing machine instructions

1. Select the balancing machine of doubt about the primary, according to the rotation of the workpiece shape features select horizontal or vertical balancing machines, of course, assuming you have special requirements, it can also be based on actual need to plan and production.

 Horizontal and vertical balancing machines balancing machines
 Horizontal balancing machines balance rotor shaft balancing machine in a horizontal balancing machine case, in general, the rotor shaft or the installation process, such as a motor rotor, shaft, rollers, fans, turbine, turbocharger rotors, etc., suitable for horizontal balancing machine.
 Vertical balancing machines are in balance rotor shaft balancing machine balancing machine leadership, generally refers to the rotor itself is not a variety of cars and other work gear rotor disk flywheel, clutch, pressure plate and assembly, brake discs, brake drums, motorcycle clutch and magnetic rotor, fan, fan, water pump impeller, pulley, wheel and some, such as Dr. series of vertical balancing machines made our company can meet a variety of balance sheet somewhat, and straight double-balanced machine series for workpieces It does not have some of the spool shaft balancing machines, such as wheels, centrifuge drum and the like.

2. Select the drive rotor balancing machine approach is a ring or gimbal or self-driven balancing machine balancing machine, drag rotor balancing machine drive way there are ring resistance, resistance and self-drive coupling.

 Resistance is to use a rubber band ring ring ring or silk, driven by a motor pulley rotor, so rotor surface resistance ring cylinder lubrication necessary surface resistance is the impact ring rotor imbalance, high precision balance strengths.
 Coupling resistance will be connected to the balance shaft universal joint and rotor. Coupling drag characteristics apply to irregular appearance of the rotor, it can transmit high torque applied to the rotor of high wind resistance, such as resistance itself affect drag disadvantage fan coupling coupling rotor imbalance, balance the impact of accuracy We will introduce disturb, in addition to doing a lot of convergence boards to habits of different types of rotor.

3. Select the size of the workpiece, such as the type of workpiece diameter, length and speed characteristics, parameters such as weight, etc., many of workpiece quality, usually selected digital balancing effect 1/3 2/3 good, probably the minimum you can do maximum , but does not meet the accuracy of the workpiece. 

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