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4-Phase Driveshaft Rotating Balance, 4-Plane Mearsuing Unit

The drive shaft is made up of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint. Driveshaft connected to the assembly or assembly of the accessories, but also movable or rotating round object accessories, are generally used light and torsion good alloy steel pipe made. For the front engine rear wheel drive the car is the transmission to the main reducer shaft. It can be several sections by the universal joint connection.


Driving shaft is an important part of the transmission power in the automobile transmission system. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheel together with the gearbox and drive to drive the vehicle. A high speed, less support of the rotating body, its dynamic balance is essential. General drive shaft in the factory must be carried out before the dynamic balance test, and in the balance machine was adjusted.


JP Balancing Machines production drive shaft-specific dynamic balancing machine, after years of communication with customers, and gradually improve the drive shaft balancing machine products. Our well-designed mechanical modules allow you to balance the work piece quickly and precisely.

Driveshaft Balancing Machines

Driveshaft balancing machine Features:


1. Professional design swing frame, the effective transmission of mechanical force.


2. Rugged and reliable, vibration damping small, good rigidity.


3. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable.


Driveshaft balancing machine is using JP advanced electrical measurement system, measurement shows the balance and angle units can be customized, the display accuracy can also be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet different customer needs.


Using multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatically adjust the system sensitivity, shift without jump. Hardware and software dual filter, high-speed data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate, faster, calibration interface specialization easier to maintain, calibration coefficient real-time verification.