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ACREX 2018

ACREX is India's largest and highest specification refrigeration and air conditioning unit, co-organized by the Indian Society of Heating.

In order to promote our company and Indian business community's economic and trade cooperation and technology exchange platform, open up the Indian market. In order to provide better face-to-face negotiation opportunities, we will organize excellent sales, technical and after-sales teams to attend 2018 India Refrigeration Exhibition held in 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in India.

India's construction industry is growing at an average annual rate of 12% at twice the world average. In the meantime, the refrigeration, HVAC and construction services industries have also witnessed rapid development. ACREX2015 has become the most extensive exchange platform for refrigeration and air-conditioning in South Asia, attracting more and more international buyers' attention as you open the Indian market door. China and India are among the top five BRICS countries and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Jianping Balancing Machine will take China's Balancing Manufacturing Technology to India, open up markets and build a new trade bridge, hoping to gain new customers' understanding with new skills and new technologies in order to win new cooperation opportunities. Such as :Automotive Heater Special Balancing Machines,Cross Flow Fan Blade Balancing Machines and so on.You are also kindly requested to visit our booth (Hall H3, E9) and we will strive to cooperate with you more opportunities to bring the best products and innovative balancing technology into the Indian market.