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AM TIAF 2018

Kazan International Auto Parts Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan jointly by Messe Frankfurt (Russia) Limited, the exhibition brings together Tatarstan and the surrounding areas of the automotive industry leader and the most competitive enterprises, exhibition Advanced products to promote the automotive and parts industry in Tatarstan and Volga region of the process of regionalization.

AM TIAF 2018.png

Jianping Balancing Machine will bring China's Balancing Manufacturing Technology to Russia, open up markets and build a new trade bridge to provide one-stop balancing services for auto parts enterprises in various countries to meet new industrialists and contractors. Hope that with new skills, new technology, access to customer understanding in order to win new opportunities for cooperation.

Exhibition time: March 28, 2018 March

Exhibition Location: Kazanskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Center, Russia (Kazan)

Exhibition scale: 8,000 square meters