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Auto Parts Industry Do Not Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machine

Rapid development of the automotive industry also led to the rise of the auto parts industry, but the auto parts industry involves a wide range of parts used in a car there are not thousands and thousands, of which many disk-shaped workpiece, you can use the sword flat vertical Balancing machine balancing test.

Vertical balancing machine brief introduction

In contrast to horizontal balancing machines, vertical balancing machines refer to those balancing machines in which the axis of rotation presents a plumb bob on a balancing machine.

In the car, which parts can use the vertical balancing machine?
Since we know that the work piece needs to be balanced, then we have to choose the right balancer for the work piece.
Such as automotive clutch pressure plate, brake discs, brake drums, car flywheel, fan blades of these types of auto parts, they have presented a disc-shaped structure, this type of accessory can be used to balance the dynamic balancing machine vertical detection .

Vertical balancing machine with the automotive industry with the progress

Based on the perspective of auto parts manufacturers to consider, the choice of dynamic balancing machines not only to consider the accuracy, quality problems, but also in terms of efficiency has been a breakthrough. Shanghai Jianping innovative vertical balancing machine, based on the original test has added a balance correction equipment, a more comprehensive and more efficient balance.

If it is a single vertical pneumatic spindle Jianping balancing machine, then it is also possible to clamp a special pneumatic clamps hold relaxed, and general rigidity and elasticity compared to lower labor intensity of the jig, higher productivity, but also ensure its original accuracy.
Under the overall wave of innovation and R & D, Shanghai Jianping will continue to exert force in this respect and will repay you for your love with better technology and higher quality products.