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Automotive Condensing Fan Balancing Machine

Automotive condensing fan balancing machine is designed as an automotive condensing fan professional balance equipment, mainly used for automotive condensing fan dynamic balance detection. By measuring the dimensions and position of the unbalance under the set speed, the correction is made according to the specific choice of the customer's needs, so as to reduce the amount of unbalance until the customer's needs are met.

 Double Condensing Fan

High-quality products need to use high-precision balancing machine to complete. JP Balancing Machine’s car condensing fan balancing machine, with professional technology to improve the quality of condensing fans. In the car refrigeration system, especially in the summer when the gaseous refrigerant into liquid, heat will be condensed this link, condensation process will use the condensing fan. The condenser Time will take away the heat emitted by the refrigerator, so that high-pressure refrigerant evaporated into high-pressure liquid. Car condensing fan in the car refrigeration system or occupy a place.

 Automotive Condensing Fan Balancing Machine

Mainly used in automotive engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly of the overall balance. The machine uses 12-inch touch screen, powerful JP800 balance software.
In the measurement of dynamic balance at the same time the machine can also be current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters of the test. Multi-function fixture can be adapted to more varieties, pneumatic quick chuck can be more quickly clamping the work piece, greatly improving work efficiency.