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Choose The Right Turbine Balancing Machine

Turbine Balancing Machines are used to determine the rotor imbalance of the instrument, according to its measurement results to improve the balance of the rotor to improve the distribution of the rotor when the rotor rotation or the role of the bearing force reduced to the provisions of the Within range. The main function of Turbine Balancing Machines is to measure, and sometimes with calibration devices to improve the balance efficiency.

 For the daily maintenance of the car, Turbine Balancing Machines can not be ignored, do not know how much of the Turbine Balancing Machines understanding? we will now take you to look at the use of Turbine Balancing Machines note it.

1. It is necessary to always scrub Turbine Balancing Machines, adhere to Turbine Balancing Machines cleaning, rail surface should adhere to clean, and often oil rust;

2. Support block or roller surface should adhere to the cleaning, prohibit the adhesion of iron filings, dust debris, each operation should be wiped before the net support block or roller and rotor journal, with a small amount of lubricants;

3. Move the support frame together with the rotor or the left and right support frame together with the same speed to avoid the journal and roller scratches the surface wear, does not allow the rotor on the roller frame for hitting or collision;

4. In winter because the temperature is low, in the zero below the computer system accidentally launched slowly attributed to the normal appearance, does not affect the normal use of Turbine Balancing Machines