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Complete Jp Balancing Machinep-help Clutch Run Smoothly

The popularity of cars for the public is getting higher and higher, and one component that is familiar to us should be the clutch. Asked, maybe everyone will know more about the role of some clutches, but are you all familiar with all ? Let us unveil the four functions of the clutch!

1. The most important function of the clutch is to ensure a smooth start of the car.

2. The second functions of the car clutch are: a smooth transition of the shift can be achieved.

3. The third function of the car clutch is to prevent overloading of the transmission system.

4. The fourth  function of the car clutch is: reduce the torsional vibration shock

The working principle of the car engine determines the instability of its output torque. Although the inertia of the engine's own rotating system can reduce torsional vibration, the remaining impact force still adversely affects the subsequent gearbox and transmission shaft. The presence of the clutch can significantly reduce the torsional vibration caused by the engine and extend the life of the shifting gear.


After talking about the four functions of the car clutch, we now say that the clutch is the "brain" of the car. Next, yes, what I want to introduce is the "magic weapon" that can greatly improve the quality of the clutch – the clutch automatic balancing machine developed by Shanghai Jianping.


This balancing machine has complete and mature technology; its balancing machine is balanced from measurement, angle positioning, drilling to de-weighting and re-measurement, not only fully Automated, but also has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient application and high precision. Very suitable for small and medium batch production. This is a fully automatic balancing machine tailored for the clutch, you certainly deserve it!