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Continuously Hot 'beloved'-new Energy Automotive

In China, the development of new energy automotive has great potential. With the increasing demand for new energy vehicles in China, the demand for its supporting motors is also increasing. The drive motor system is one of the three core components of new energy vehicles.

The motor drive control system is the main executive structure of the new energy vehicle. Its driving characteristics determine the main performance indicators of the car. It is an important part of the electric vehicle.

 New Energy Motor Special Balancing Machine.png

The entire drive system of an electric vehicle includes two parts of the motor drive system and its mechanical transmission mechanism. The motor drive system is mainly composed of a motor, a power converter, a controller, various detection sensors, and a power supply.

As the leader of the global balance and diagnostic system Shanghai JP balancing machine”,Shanghai JP has developed New Energy Motor Special Balancing Machines. This machine is widely used in the balance correction of various types of small and medium-sized motor rotors, impellers, crankshafts, rollers and shafts and other rotating parts.

Complete technology and high sales also confirm the quality of R&D of Jianping New Energy Motor Special Balancing Machines.