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Crankshaft Producing Balance, That Is The Most Important Part

we are very familiar with that the crankshaft is the most important parts of the engine. It receives the force coming from the connecting rod and turns it into torque through the crankshaft and drives the other attachments on the engine. The crankshaft is subjected to the rotation of the centrifugal force, the periodic variation of the gas inertial force and the reciprocating inertia force, so that the crankshaft bear the role of bending and torsional load. The crankshaft requires sufficient strength and stiffness, journal surface to wear, work uniform, good balance.
JP Balancing machines explains the crankshaft balance need to know some of the knowledge:
An unbalanced crankshaft creates a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the crankshaft is very necessary. Crankshaft dynamic balancing machine is the rotation of the crankshaft in the dynamic balance check, the role of dynamic balance is:
  Improve the quality of the rotor and its products
  Reduce noise
  Reduce vibration
  Improve the service life of the bearing parts (bearings)
  Reduce the user's discomfort
  Reduce the power consumption of the product

 crankshaft automatic balance machine

At present, JP Balancing Machines researches first-class dynamic balance experience and technology to produce a crankshaft automatic balancing machine. Crankshaft automatic balancing machine is widely used in automotive four-cylinder crankshaft six-cylinder crankshaft balance correction, the use of JP balancing machines is moving balancing machine to the latest technology, the workpiece from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and re-test, all the implementation of automation. This section of the crankshaft dynamic balancing machine has a simple operation, easy to use, high precision, suitable for small and medium production. Crankshaft automatic balancing machine using a dedicated electrical measurement system, measurement methods diversification, dynamic and static balance, support up to 10 kinds, plus heavy, positive and negative can be customized. High precision measurement, the use of multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatically adjust the system sensitivity, hardware and software dual filter, high-speed data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate and faster.