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Design The Best Cross-flow Fan Balancing Machine

Tubular fan mainly by the impeller, duct and motor composed of three parts.

Advantages and disadvantages:

1) The axial length is unlimited, the length of the impeller can be arbitrarily selected according to different needs of use;

2) The airflow runs through the impeller and is affected by the force of the blades twice, so the airflow can reach a very long distance.

3) no turbulence, uniform air;

4) due to the airflow in the impeller is forced to turn off, so the pressure head loss, less efficient;

Ventilation: living room,Industrial machinery: constant temperature and drying machinery;

 room heating and cooling equipment;

Household appliances: refrigeration and showcases, air-conditioners, heaters, electric fireplaces, air curtain machines, embedded ovens and more.

 Shanghai Jianping provide standard range of cross-flow leaf dynamic balancing machine, you can balance the maximum weight of 16 kg, 150 mm diameter blades. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special cross-flow fan balancing machines that can be used with all types of cross-flow fan balacning machine.


Inteoduction of Straflo Fan Blade Balancer Series:

The specially designed, solid and reliable brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force with low vibration damping and high rigidity.The durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity and good linearity.The permanent calibration brings high accuracy with a permission of large initial unbalnce amount.Belt-driving offers higher accuracy and easier operation.The complete functions including advanced electronical measuring instrumentation and friendly man-machine interface. 


The straflo fan blade balancers are applicable for balancing the air-conditioner’s fans, automobile air-conditioner’s fans, central air-conditioner’s fans, dryers, the air curtain machine’s fans.Taking the same driving mode as that of straflo fan blade, the balancers of this series can avoid the influence of the external force.Rotating with the workpiece synchronously, the dial plate can show the unbalance location quickly,and this can improve the work efficiency greatly.