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Disc-type Workpiece Specific Measuring Equipment-Vertical Balancing Machine

It is well known that the dynamic balance detection of the rotor is the key process to improve the quality of the product. How to choose the dynamic balancing machine is the problem that the user concerned about. Because does not correctly choose the appropriate balancing machine and can not correctly determine the allowable residual unbalance , Resulting in the use of production efficiency is not high, product quality can not meet the requirements


Vertical balancing machine is a balancing machine in the vertical state of the rotating shaft of the equilibrating rotor on the balancing machine. Mainly used for clutch, gear, fan Wheel, fan, pressure plate and its assembly, brake disc, fan, pump impeller, car flywheel, brake hub, pulley and other disk parts.


Due to the diversification of rotating machinery, the vibration problems, noise problems, mechanical life and so on are becoming more and more strict. The balancing machines must be selected for different rotating parts, and the corresponding unbalanced correction


An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its bracket and during its rotation rotor itself causes vibration. Therefore, dynamic balancing of rotor is very necessary. Vertical balancing machine  can do dynamic balance check in the rotating state, the role of dynamic balance is:

● Improve the quality of the rotor and its composition

● Reduce noise

● Reduce vibration

● Increase the service life of the bearing parts (bearings)

● reduce the user's discomfort

● Reduce the power consumption of the product


Advantages of vertical balancing machine:


Vertical balancer can balance the rotor up to 200 kg, use of leading electrical measurement system to facilitate the operation to meet different customer needs with latest balancing technology