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Dynamic Balancing Machine Transmission Method

When most of Engineers and purchasing managers are familiar about that dynamic balancing machines can improve rotors quality, they tend to realize the fundamental knowledge of dynamic balancing machines and make decision to purchase. However, for the dynamic balancing machine knowledge, I believe that many people are still in a smatter. Dynamic balancing machine structure is relatively complex, and today we mainly say that the dynamic balancing machine transmission method. Generally speaking, the dynamic balancing machine transmission method can be divided into three kinds, respectively, for the lap belt drive, universal joint drive, self-driven.


Belt drive


Driven Belt

Ring belt drive is the use of rubber ring belt in power transmitting. The motor pulley drags the rotor so that the rotor to achieve high-speed rotation. In the case of this type of transmission, there must be a smooth surface of the rotor and a cylindrical surface. If it is a square or other irregular shape, the lap transmission is almost impossible. The advantage of the belt drive is that it does not affect the unbalance of the rotor and so the accuracy of the balancing machine is ensured.


Universal joint drive


Universal Joint  

Using universal joint to connect the spindle with the rotor, universal coupling drive can be suitable for the appearance of irregular rotor. This transmission can produce a larger torque, so more suitable for fans, drums of this type which can generate wind resistance in rotation. But, the disadvantage of the coupling is that the balance of the coupling itself will have some negative impacts on the rotor. The universal joint must be precisely dynamically balanced before doing connection since it will certainly interfere with the balance accuracy.


Self-driven transmission mode


Installed Motor Driven

The use of self-driven transmission dynamic balancing machine, is the use of the rotor's own motor power to rotate. This type of transmission has little effects on the balance accuracy of the rotor, and the balance accuracy is the highest of the three transmission modes. But this transmission is not applicable for all rotors. There is only a special rotor to use self-driven.