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Factors That Affect The Measurement Results Of The Balancing Machine

Factors that affect the measurement results of the balancing machine

Balancing machine is used to measure the mechanical rotor of the instrument, in use, sometimes there is difficult to balance school, fail to achieve the required balance accuracy or balance after the workpiece assembly is still a large residual unbalanced phenomenon, then what is the reason Leading to the emergence of such phenomena? How to solve it? Here we take a look at it

In fact, there are many factors that affect the balance machine measurement, can be divided into the following two categories:

First, the impact of the workpiece

(1) the balance of the workpiece accuracy is too high than the balance of the balance of precision, that is, the balance of the balance of the accuracy of the workpiece does not meet the balance of precision requirements.

(2) the rigidity of the workpiece itself is not good, in the higher speed rotation occurs when the deformation.

(3) The workpiece itself is fitted with an unfixed part so that it is moved or loosened during rotation.

(4) workpiece support at the journal oval or workpiece journal roughness is poor.

(5) The diameter of the support roller and the journal diameter of the workpiece are less than 5%, or the diameter of the roller is multiplied with the workpiece journal, resulting in beat or multiplier interference.

(6) in the calibration of the journal without the use of the mandrel as the support, the spindle itself is not balanced or the installation of the mandrel with the support of the coaxial error or the core of the workpiece with the workpiece gap gap caused by the workpiece in the There is a large imbalance in the correction or when used.

(7) On the gimbal-driven balancing machine, the bosses (recesses) at the flange of the workpiece connected to the universal joint and the degree of coaxiality and perpendicularity between the plane and the journal are too large or The joint of the universal joint (boss) is too large.

(8) bearing the bearing at the journal, it is best to balance the bearing support on the support frame.

(9) The center of gravity of the heavier or de-weighting position does not coincide with the calibration position shown by the balancing machine.

Second, the impact of balancing machines

(1) left and right support the workpiece at high and low so that the workpiece around the movement or journal plane and support contact.

(2) support block or roller serious wear and tear, wheel bearing accuracy tolerance.

(3) support at the iron or foreign body, without lubricating oil.

(4) hard bearing balancing machine does not meet the requirements of the foundation, the balance between the machine and the concrete foundation is not solid, anchor bolts are not tightened or the balance machine placed on the floor caused resonance.

(5) The sensor output signal is incorrect.

(6) active parts on the support frame are not tightened.

(7) The belt connector is not connected, there is a clear bulge, not flat.

(8) Mirror blur or photoelectric head position using the photoelectric head does not cause an angular offset to the positive reflective paper or skew.

(9) Proximity switch position offset.

(10) universal joint cross section loose. So that the middle of the fork to increase or adjust the universal joint cross section gap is too tight, resulting in ten bytes is not flexible.

(11) universal joint itself is not a large amount of balance, affecting the amount of unbalanced workpiece.

(12) the impact of electrical measurement system

(13) power supply voltage is not normal, unstable, affecting the amount of unbalanced workpiece.

(14) Scalar value changes.

(15) The way of supporting the selection does not match the actual.

(16) the workpiece a, b, c, d, r1, r2 set with the actual does not match.

(17) speed selected wrong. The direction of rotation of the workpiece does not correspond to the specified.

Only to understand the reasons for the production of such phenomena in order to take effective measures to improve the balance accuracy.