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Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine - Flywheel Is More Stable And Driving Is More Comfortable

The automobile flywheel is indeed a not-so-known small part, but its role and its popularity are very different. In order for this small part to play its unique role, it is necessary to use the professional balance detection equipment of the flywheel balancer to perform auxiliary inspections.


In order to make balance more economical, JP balancing machine has now taken this step, combining the advantages of the flywheel balancing machine with a very high price/performance ratio. Even small batches of automated balancing processes are beneficial.

 A1LZ1 balancing machine JP.png

Flywheel automatic balancing machine adopts Shanghai Jianping new technology. The workpieces are balanced, angled, drilled and re-measured, and all are automated. They have the features of simple operation, convenient application, and high precision; they are suitable for medium and small batch production.