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Fully Maintains The Dynamic Balance Of The Crankshaft

In this city, the peak hours of commuting will be filled with cars of various brands and models. For auto parts manufacturers, ensuring the safety and stability of each car has become a top priority. For the rotor with high rotation in the driving process, it is very important to do dynamic balance.


As one of the important components in the engine, the crankshaft is subjected to the force transmitted from the connecting rod, and the transmitted force is converted into torque. The crankshaft outputs and drives other accessories on the engine to work. When the crankshaft is rotated, the mass is The centrifugal force, the reciprocating inertial force during the cyclic change and the inertial force of the gas, the crankshaft has a sufficient rigidity and strength, and the surface of the journal needs wear resistance, and the uniformity and balance of work are good.

In order to make the crankshaft of the car have better balance performance, the driver and the passenger can have a better driving experience, and the cause of the instability of the car can be minimized. Through various factors of imbalance, Shanghai Jianping combines these problems. After analyzing the needs of our customers, we developed a crankshaft automatic balancing machine. This automatic balancing machine is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can balance the weight of the workpiece by about 30 kg and can correct the rotor with a diameter of about 200 mm.

The new technology of the crankshaft automatic balancing machine produced by Shanghai Jianping is mainly used for the dynamic balance detection correction of the four-cylinder crankshaft and the six-cylinder crankshaft of the automobile industry, which can make the crankshaft from balance measurement, angular positioning, drilling, etc. Fully automated