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Heater Blower Automated Balance Machines

The automobile industry to develop its spare parts is essential. The motor is a key part of the automotive power system, the lack of advanced motor vehicle cannot be evaluated. In recent years, the amount of motor on the car has increased year by year. General car about 15 small motor, and senior luxury cars will use more than 40.
Car heaters as a rotating work piece, his balance problem is that we cannot ignore. A stable and stable heater and an unbalanced heater compared to its longer life, work when the noise is smaller, and a good heater power consumption smaller energy.


Heater  parts


Rotor imbalance is an important reason for the harmful vibration and noise generated by motor, especially, the motor drive the heater. The working speed is high, the quality is small, and the vibration and noise are large. That should be done by dynamic balance detection.


Heater Blower balancing machine
The principle of the car heater is that the air after cleaning through the evaporator will enter the evaporator cooling. Cold air will enter the hot and cold switch. If it is hot wind, then the heater will enter the work.



The heater fan inside the existence of the fan and the motor, the work of the case will have a certain speed, in order to protect the working of heaters, heater manufacturers will do balance detect. The balance of the detection device is the car heater motor balancing machine. Since the heater manufacturers need to configure a heater dedicated balancing machine, then the best choice for a reasonable price of the quality of the manufacturers to cooperate as a partner, and JP is the leader in the wind turbine balancing machine, 7 prominent Advantages highlight the strength.


1. New iteration JP-800 electrical measurement system: 12-inch touch screen, data records can store 200 rotor type information.


2. Add boot check function to ensure accuracy.


3. Qualified marking of products, saving time and convenience;


4. Safety doors and light curtain design, security is more secure;


5. Sound and light alarm, intuitive eye-catching;


6. Special design of the soft support measuring pendulum, high precision;


7. Pneumatic fixture, the work piece to install more quickly.