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How To Make Car Cooling Fan Quiet And Balanced?

Automotive cooling fan is the main component of the car cooling system, the main function is to make car engine cool , although in the cold winter has its effect, but in the summer, especially in the case of poor traffic condition,It is the weapon for engine cooling

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Cooling fan hide many dangerous problems

In June 2015, the Porsche filing recall plan, recalling a total of 58 Porsche brand cars. As a representative of the luxury car, What causes the Porsche recall ?Because there are some problems with the left rear radiator fan in the vehicle engine compartment

Car cooling fan low speed, idle vibration? Cooling fan manufacturers look here | dynamic balancing machine

We must be clear that the performance of car cooling fan, not to say that the bigger the fan blades on the cooling performance is better, air volume is not the only factor affecting heat dissipation.

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If there is serious vibration  when Car cooling fan  rotates in the low speed and idle speed.It is likely because the car cooling fan has large degree of imbalance internal.

When there is a large imbalance in the  cooling fan, how to deal with it? Do not be afraid, there is Jp cooling fan special balancing machine

Jp new upgrade cooling fan balancing machine

Newly added automatic protection security door can protect the safety of operating personnel

Change is not just appearance, but also its internal

The new upgrade cooling fan balancing machine , specifically for car cooling fan, auto condensing fan assembly, not only provide balancing correction for single fan, but also for two plane fan . Do you think that is just the case

New electrical performance test, vibration test and yaw test function, slight vibration can also be accurately measured.Multi-function fixture to adapt to more varieties, and fast pneumatic fixture can clamp the workpiece easily, saving time costs, greatly improving work efficiency

Also worry about how to improve the balance of car cooling fan? Cooling fan special balancing machine can solve it