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Improve The Quality Of Car Condenser Fan-Dynamic Balancing Technology

Condensing fan balancing machine, to create high-quality condensing fan

Condensing fan is mainly responsible for the air conditioning system to determine the normal working pressure, thereby reducing power consumption. The quality of the condensing fan directly affects its contribution to the energy saving of air-conditioners

Although the condensing fan technology and manufacturing technology has been very mature, but there is still much space for improvement. The equipment used to detect the condensing fan (condensing fan balancing machine) while achieving efficient, fast, accurate and stable technology!

The condensing fan special balancing machine can measure the size and position of the unbalance of the cooling fan of the automobile engine, and can do balance correction according to the measured unbalance amount so as to improve the balance performance of the condensing fan. in order to make it more stable when working

As a whole, the special balancing machines for condensing fans are moving towards the goal of lightweight, high efficiency and meeting the demand of electric vehicles. The improvement of performance and efficiency will inevitably lead to changes in key components, design processes and material applications