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Improve The Quality Of The Condenser Fan, Making Driving And Traveling More Comfortable

Automotive cooling fan balancing machine is a professional balancing device developed and designed by Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for automotive condensing fans. It mainly performs dynamic balance detection for automotive condensing fans. By performing the dynamic balance test under the set rotation speed, the size and position of the unbalanced mass are measured, and the correction is performed according to the specific requirements of the customer, such as increasing the weight, etc., so as to reduce the unbalanced amount until reaching the customer's demand.

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High-quality products need to be completed with a high-precision balancing machine. Shanghai Jianping Automobile Condensing Fan Balancer uses professional technology to improve the quality of the condenser fans, making driving and traveling more comfortable.


In an automobile refrigeration system, especially in summer, when the gaseous refrigerant is converted into a liquid state, it will go through condensation. During the condensation process, a condensation fan will be used. The air entering the condensation fan flows through the condenser. It will take away the heat generated by the chiller, allowing the high-pressure refrigerant to evaporate into a high-pressure liquid. Car condensing fans still occupy a place in the automotive refrigeration system.

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Automotive cooling fan balancing machine

1.Mainly used in the whole balancing of automotive engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly

2.The machine uses 12-inch touch screen,and powerful JP800 balancing software.

3.It can not only measure balancing,But also test the current,voltage,power and other electrical parameters.

4.Versatile fixture can accommodate variety of workpieces,pneumatic quick chuck can clamp the workpiece more quickly,greatly improve efficiency.

5.Fast lifting safety doors,taking higher working efficiency and better security.