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In Swelter Summer, What Are Our Craftmans Fighting For

The continued hot weather makes people anxious intolerable. When people flee to more cooler shade, there are still many people work under 40 Celsius degrees of heat, to withstand the high temperature baked.


The pursuit of the ultimate concept of ingenuity



Every part of JP balancing machine, each process are carefully polished, we carefully made the attitude of the product with the spirit of the artisans thinking and ideas.



In the eyes of JP, there is only the quality of excellence, the production of meticulous, perfect pursuit of perfection. Since the founding, we focus on balancing machines, adhering to the spirit of excellence craftsmen, balance the comprehensive development of technology.



Strive of the perfection quality, they grasp every detail. For each staff member: the quality of the product depends on the quality of the process, the quality of the process ultimately determined by the attitude.