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JP Automatic Balancing Machine With High Professional Balance Correction Level

This newly developed automatic balancing machine is specially designed for wound rotors and has a high level of professional balance correction. And this machine can balance the maximum weight of 1.6 kg, 35 ~ 60 mm diameter winding machine rotor. As the same two-station automatic balancing machine that balances and corrects all kinds of miniature motor rotors. Rotor two-station automatic balancing machine is no less than other high-quality products of Shanghai Jianping.

Winding rotor.jpg

This type of rotor two-station automatic balancing machine adopts a special electric measuring system, so its measurement method will be diversified. Among them, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 kinds of support methods. At the same time, it uses a combination of multiple calibration coefficients and the measurement accuracy will be higher.

 Two-station automatic balancing machine.png

For customers whose motor rotor needs to be balanced, you must not miss this model. Shanghai JP balancing machine R & D rotor two-station automatic balancing machine new products, look forward to your visit!