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Learn More Micro Motor Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine

With the continuous development of the electric tool industry in China, not only the demand for small and medium-sized motor rotors has increased, but also higher requirements have been put forward on the manufacturing precision and reliability of the rotor. The imbalance of the rotor due to the non-coincidence of the centroid and center of mass in the machining process is an important factor affecting the performance and accuracy of the rotor. Now the mainstream way to eliminate unbalance is to balance the rotor dynamics. The low efficiency caused by manual balancing is not suitable for large-scale industrial production. Automatic balancing machines have come into being!

 micro motor rotor.png

After many years of research, JP balancing machine produced a micromotor rotor fully automatic balancing machine.Micro motor rotor automatic balancing machine fully absorbed the advantages of foreign products, so that the machine in the processing efficiency, stability, interchangeability and other aspects have an essential breakthrough.


The motor contains a rotor that rotates at a high speed, so it must be vigilantly balanced and its dynamic balance index is related to the overall quality of the motor. At present, the development trend of electric motors is to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high precision, high speed, and high reliability. This will increasingly highlight the requirements for the dynamic balance of motor rotors.

 motor rotor automatic balancing machine.jpg

Under such industry prospects and development trends, as an important replacement for motor production, it is of great significance to improve the efficiency and quietness of the rotor dynamic balancing process.


JP micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine can solve the rotor imbalance problem very well. The method of balancing and removing the weight can be used to balance the rotor with a maximum weight of 0.5 kg and a diameter of 40 mm. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special automatic balance correction machines that can fit all types of rotors.