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Motor Industry Growth & Industral Balancing

Motor (micro-motor gear motor) market in China has maintained a rapid growth momentum, by 27% of the global motor sales in 2012, to nearly 40% in 2013, China is becoming a motor geared motors) to control a growing market worldwide.


Motor Balancing Machine

Speaking of motor (micro-motor gear motor) development and production, several European and Japanese manufacturers, Mitsubishi motor, Siemens, which are more famous, occupy the bulk. Due to technical constraints, China's micro-motor gear motor manufacturers are concerned about the initial market, which led the domestic market to be more and more crowded. But there will be progress in the competition, along with a domestic manufacturers are fighting China Of the micro-motor, gear motor market gradually to the mid-range, which also means that the original occupy of market, Japanese manufacturers will inevitably be a huge impact, its market share is indeed declining year by year.


Motor is an indispensable part of the car. In order to ensure the quality and use of motor vehicles, JP car motor balancing machine dynamic balance correction is indispensable.
Car motor balancing machine for safe driving escort


soft bearing balancing machine


PHQ-0.5/1.6Akg model car motor balancing machine, especially for micro-motor rotor dynamic balance test, the use of DC speed drive device, to achieve the parameters of the stepless speed, smooth acceleration and deceleration.


micro rotor balancing machine


PRZQ-0.3 / 1.1kg series of soft-bearing balancing machine is designed for micro-motor, power tools and other small shaft rotor batch process for the design purposes, the use of DC speed drive device, to achieve stepless speed, high sensitivity measurement swing, a higher measurement accuracy. Touch screen made the human-machine interaction, easy to operate.


The above two car motor balancing machine with its high sensitivity and flexible automatic positioning by the majority of users of praise.


Electric power is one of the most important energy sources in modern society, while car generators provide the most important power for cars. Automotive generators not only need to power all the electrical equipment when the car engine is running, but also need to charge the car battery.


Want to really develop in the motor market and do something, nothing more than two directions: do wide or do fine. Do the specific means that the scope of business can be extended by a single product to provide the appropriate solution, and do fine is to learn from the European manufacturers, learn to dig deep market segments.