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Motor Manufacturers Look Here! This Is The Real Up Knowledge

Modern motor is no longer just a simple task of the individual parts, but to become a comprehensive system, it can be said that the modern motor is the mechanical and electrical system of the nerve center


Modern motor can provide energy for the entire electromechanical system, that is, modern motor is the power center; modern motor can also play a regulation, balance, control the role of the entire electromechanical system. Such a powerful and comprehensive function is bound to put forward higher requirements for modern motors. These requirements are not only reflected in the design and production of modern motors themselves, but also in the economy, applicability and development of products produced by modern motors


The six major development trends of the motor

1, from brush to brushless change

2, the direct drive of modern motor

3, the speed of the motor

4, from constant speed to speed change

5, from large to small, miniaturization of the change

6, intelligent

Motor balancing machine-motor industry efficient balance assistant


The motor contains high-speed rotating rotor, so it must be alert to the do balance, and its dynamic balance is related to the overall quality of the motor. At present, the development trend of the motor is to high efficiency, high precision, high speed and high reliability direction, which the motor rotor dynamic balance requirements are increasingly highlighted


In such industry prospects and development trends, Jp Balancing Machine Develpoped a variety of motor automatic balancing machine, can be a good solution to the rotor imbalance problem. As an important part of the motor production, the efficiency and static improvement of the motor rotor balancing process is also a great significance