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Normal Working Method Of The Turbine Balancing Machines

Determine the normal working method of the Turbine Balancing Machines

There is also a lot of centrifugal force in the high-speed rotation, but how do you know if the turbine balance machine is working? We don't know what's going wrong with the turbine.

In general, the Angle of inequality measured by the dynamic turbine balancer is roughly 180 degrees or about 0 degrees. If there is no change, there is a problem with the sensor line or sensor of the dynamic turbine balancer. The solution is to plug in the number 1 plug and plug in the 2 sensor cord. Similarly, this method can be used to determine whether the sensor line 2 and the sensor are normal. The user of the dynamic turbine balancing machine can find a professional to control a faulty sensor line or sensor with another sensor line and sensor.

How do you maximize the role of the dynamic turbo balance machine? It is envisaged turbine balance machine is modular, here are gradually as an introduction to dynamic turbine balancing machine functions play a role of biggest advantage?

1. Also want to consider function modular on maintenance, equipment in the event of a failure or damage can have a relatively independent can directly replace the module, with convenient breakdown maintenance to replace the loss of time and cost.

The function should guarantee the basic performance requirement, notice the relative integrity of the module performance, meeting the requirement of the various aspects such as heat dissipation, leakage.

2. The process of the module requirements, for more adopts some does not require specialized processing materials, equipment, etc., to avoid the special manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, increase the difficulty and cost of overhead.

The economic requirement: the shape of the original, the material, the method of making and so on are the determining factors for the advantages and disadvantages of the module economy.

3. Appearance modular modeling requirements: today's product development for the design of shape, aesthetics, human nature to pursue more and more high, so in addition to meet the requirements of product function, but also fully into account the appearance modelling requirements.

Turbine rotor balancing machine is used for determination of unbalanced instrument, according to the measurement calibration, to improve the balance of the rotor weight distribution, the vibration of the rotor shaft neck during operation or reduce the force acting on the bearing to the specified range. The main function of the turbine balancer is to measure, and sometimes with calibration devices, to improve the balance efficiency.

Due to the dynamic turbine calibration without shaft rotor balancing machine in the core shaft itself imbalance or core shaft installation and supporting the alignment error, and the core shaft and rotor cooperate clearance error caused by the balance of the rotor in repeated after school or when they use and have great imbalance.