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Precautions For Vertical Balancing Machines

With the use of microcomputer technology, the vertical balancing machine has brought a new era, the vertical balancing machine in the performance, accuracy, operability have been significantly improved. And in the power tools, machinery manufacturing, fan, motor , Paper, textiles, household appliances, metallurgy and other fields have been more and more widely used. Here to give you about how to balance the vertical balance machine bar.

1. The lens of the photoelectric head of the vertical balancing machine should always wipe the outer surface of the lens with a mirror paper or a mirror cloth to keep it clean. Do not wipe the mirror with an oiled yarn or dirty cloth. Machine is a sophisticated testing equipment, there should be a dedicated person responsible for custody and operation.

2. The vertical balance machine should always keep the vertical balance machine clean, the rail surface should also be kept clean, and should always be oil rust. Vertical balancing machine support block or roller surface should also be kept clean, not allowed to stick iron , Dust debris, each work should be wiped before the net support block or roller and rotor journal, plus a little oil.

3. When moving the support frame of the vertical balancing machine, rotate the rotor at the same time or move the left and right support frames at the same speed so as not to scratch the surface of the journal and roller, and never allow the rotor to be beaten or hit on the roller frame. An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, resulting in vibration, so that the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary.

The vertical balancing machine is the dynamic balance check of the rotor in the rotating state, an unbalanced rotor in its rotation process of its support structure and the rotor itself to produce a pressure, and lead to vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary. Dynamic balance can improve the rotor and its composition of the product quality, reduce noise and vibration, improve the bearing parts (bearing) trial life, reduce the user's discomfort and product Power consumption. Dynamic vertical balancing machine applications are very broad, the following and everyone to look at the vertical vertical balancing machine with the main application:

A, heavy industry

Turbine large generators, water trucks, large-scale speed gears, large motor centrifuges, mixers, garbage disposal machines.

B, the automotive industry

Tires, crankshafts, drive shafts, clutches, brake drums, flywheel cars with various types of motors, cooling fans, superchargers.

C, home appliances

Vacuum cleaner motor, juice machine with motor, fan, medium motor, drum, air conditioning with various types of parts, computer disk.

D, agricultural machinery

Engine parts crankshaft, flywheel and other tools, chain saws and other parts.

E, small motor

Small motor rotor for household appliances, motor rotor for motor and rotor for recorder.

F, aviation

Gyroscopes, aviation engines, propeller blades, aircraft tires, clocks, watches and other parts.

G, work machine

Grinders, knives, all kinds of spindle, gear.