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Rotor Automatic Balance - Rotor Dynamic Balance Process And Method

For a large amount of initial unbalance, the rotor with excessive vibration when rotating should be balanced with one side before the balance check to eliminate the static unbalance. Sometimes due to improper choice of the correct position of the surface (ie, the center of gravity is not within the selected calibration surface), the correction of static balance but will even unbalanced increase. Therefore, the best correction is to choose the plane of gravity in the plane to reduce occasional imbalance. If the plane of gravity is not allowed to go to heavy plane, the general should be located on both sides of the plane where the plane of gravity on the two planes.


JP Balancing Machine in order to reduce the time and effort involved in the balancing operation, an attempt should be made to reduce the amount of correction, for which reason the rotor may be weighted and de-weighted if necessary after the dynamic balancing of the rotor of the balancing machine, Law of the rotor balance processing: The so-called emphasis method, that is, in the opposite direction of imbalance with calibration weight. Go heavy method is to remove some weight in the unbalanced direction, commonly used methods are: boring, drilling, chiseling, milling, grinding and so on.

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Shanghai Jianping rotor automatic balancing machine can be a good solution to the problem of rotor imbalance, the use of dynamic balance to the weight of the processing method, you can balance the amendment of the maximum weight of 0.5 kg, a diameter of 40 mm rotor. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures many types of rotor balancing machines to make the rotor achieve better balance effect.