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Rotor Two Station Automatic Balancing Machine

When it comes to rotor motor balancing machines, you must not be unfamiliar. But do you know the wound rotor motor?

The wound rotor motor is actually similar to the asynchronous motor  in working principle we are familiar with. Say similarly because the structure of the wound rotor motor and the asynchronous motor are different. Its rotor is made up of distributed windings, and if the winding on the rotor is shorted at the collector ring, then the motor becomes a normal cage asynchronous motor.


This fully developed fully automatic balancing machine is designed for wound rotors with a high level of balance correction. And this machine can balance the winding machine rotor with a weight of 1.6 kg and a diameter of 35~60 mm. As a two-station automatic balancing machine that balances and corrects various types of micro motor rotors. The rotor two-station automatic balancing machine is no less than other products of Shanghai Jianping.

This rotor two-station automatic balancing machine uses an electric measuring system, so its measurement method will be diversified. Among them, there are up to 10 types of dynamic and static balance. At the same time, it uses multiple combinations of scaling factors for higher measurement accuracy.

For the customers whose motor rotor needs dynamic balance, Shanghai Jianping has developed a new two-station automatic balancing machine for rotors, and we look forward to your visit!