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Selection And Related Knowledge On Wheel Balancer

Due to the diversification of rotating machinery and its vibration and noise problems, mechanical life, such as the increasingly stringent requirements, different rotating workpiece use must be suitable for the characteristics of dynamic balancing machine and unbalance correction is performed, following is a brief introduction to how to select models.
First steps: select dynamic balancing machine, first according to the shape of the rotating workpiece characteristics, select horizontal or vertical dynamic balancing machine, of course, if you have special requirements, you can also design and manufacture according to actual needs.
----Horizontal balancing machine is balanced on the axis of rotation of the rotor balancing machine horizontal balancing machines, in General, has a rotating shaft or shaft of rotor assembly process, such as motor, machine tool spindles, rollers, such as fans, turbines, Turbo-rotor, are suitable for horizontal balancing machines.
Vertical balance machine----is was balance rotor of rotating axis in balance machine Shang is lead vertical State Xia of balance machine, General refers to rotor itself not has hinge of disc-like artifacts as gear, and various car flywheel, and clutch device, and pressure disc and Assembly, and brake disc, and brake hub, and motorcycle of clutch device and the magnetic motor rotor, and fan, and wind leaves, and pump impeller, and belt round, and wheel, disc class parts, I company production of PHD series vertical balance machine can meet various specifications of disc class parts of balance, Vertical double-sided balance machine applied to the workpiece itself does not have the shaft dynamic balancing of the drum parts, such as wheels, wheel rim, centrifuge drum.