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Spend The Winter Warmly—Automotive Heater Balancing Machine

Cold weather, heating has become everyone's "essential", of course, the same owner! However, the car heater you really understand it?

The working principle of automobile warm air is different from that of air conditioning. It uses the circulating water of the engine to generate heat and blows hot air through a blower. These heat streams are also ruthlessly discharged outside the vehicle, even when the heater is not on. Because the outdoor temperature in winter is very low, when the engine is just started, the temperature of the water tank is actually about the same as the outside temperature. This time immediately turning on the heating air conditioner will only increase the burden on the engine and will not make the car warm.

Therefore, the correct approach should be to give the engine warm, wait for the vehicle temperature rose to a normal value and then open the air conditioning, depending on the external environment to decide whether follow-up to open the outer loop.
Some friends will say why I started the car after heating fuel consumption has increased, in fact, because you also open the A / C key, open the key bit result is that you will also open the air conditioner compressor, so Will increase the car fuel consumption, in fact, automotive heater blowing out of the heating does not need to go through the compressor.


Spend the winter warmly—Automotive Heater Balancing Machine

The principle of automotive heater is that the air enters the evaporator after it has been cleaned and filtered. After it turns into cold air, it enters the hot and cold switch. If it is cold, it will be directly blown out; if it is hot, it will go through warm water. Box heating becomes hot air blowing. If it is hot air, then the heater will enter the work.

Heater fan and motor inside the existence of the case will produce a certain speed, in order to protect the safety of the heater and the use of comfort, heater manufacturers will balance the detection and treatment of the heater. The device for balance detection is automotive heater balancing machine.


JP Balancing machine Well-designed electrical measuring system with touch screen, intuitively see the balance of the workpiece, the data at a glance; specially designed support frame can be adapted to the overall balance heater; the overall balance of the situation, the balance can be reduced to the error Smaller range, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance.

Automotive heater balancing machine to improve the balance of heater is not only stability, but also to some extent, extend its service life, but also can reduce the noise generated when the heater work, described as one serve. In order to produce better and higher quality heater, heater manufacturers are still very necessary to purchase heater balance machine.