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TAPA is one of the most influential and innovative auto parts exhibitions in Asia. It is co-sponsored by the Export Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers of Thailand, and receives local government and some automobiles. Industry associations' common support. The exhibition venue is BITEC (Bangkok International Trade Expo Centre) outside Bangkok, Thailand. The quality of buyers at the show is relatively high. Mainly from Iran and other Arab countries buyers and India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries.And it will organize at Bangkok International Trade Expo Centre from 5 to 8 April 2018 in Bangkok.


JP balancing machine will bring China's balanced manufacturing technology to Thailand, open up markets, build new trade bridges, and provide one-stop balancing services for machinery manufacturing companies in various countries to meet new industrial owners and contractors. At the same time, Jianping will also provide related dynamic balance program services according to the needs of the Thailand market. Jianping will develop together with you! Also, I would like to invite you to visit our booth (Hall 101-104 BITEC).