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The Function Of The Balance Compensation Device Is Set In The Design Of The Balancing Machine

  The function of the balance compensation device is set in the design of the balancing machine

  Dynamic balancing machine design is a reasonable design balance machine structure, making the unbalanced moment minimum. The design process is actually an optimization design process, which can be used to optimize the design parameters of the balancing machine structure design method and method. No matter what kind of balance or structure of the dynamic balancing machine, in the range of elevation, most of the existence of a large unbalanced torque. In order to improve the balance performance, reduce the unbalanced torque and set up an auxiliary balancing device, that is, balance compensation device.

  Theoretically, the compensating device should provide a compensating torque over the entire elevation angle, which is practically difficult to do, and is generally compensated only at the small elevation portion or only at the large elevation portion. The so-called compensation, usually in the local area in parallel with a compensation spring, the compensation spring is usually in a free state, from a balance point to work, through the compensation and then a balance point. The balancing compensator differs depending on the balance or the balancing machine structure.

  The balancing device of the pneumatic balancer is generally only compensated at the small elevation angle. When the elevation angle of the landing portion is reduced, the balance between the inner and outer cylinders of the balancing machine is relatively compressed when the right end of the small spring contacts the bottom of the outer cylinder.

  The counterweight balance of the balance of the compensation device is generally hinged in the rocker anti-crisis board on the active fulcrum from the position to the position, then one end fixed to the bracket on the point of the tension of the spring and the arm to form a clockwise compensation torque. This compensation device, for a small range of angle of the gun is more appropriate, basically can be done.

  In order to accurately measure the dynamic balance of the rotor, it is necessary to reduce the unbalanced moment, so the balance compensation device plays an important role in the dynamic balancing machine, it can better stabilize the performance of the dynamic balancing machine, The accuracy of the balancing machine.