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The Importance Of Automatic Balancing Machine For Treadmill

Because the weather is cold, treadmill is used more and more recently, as long as the people will can run. then they can use treadmills. But fully consider the balance of the overall components of the treadmill accuracy, motor automatic balancing machine can effectively eliminate the treadmill vibration due to bearing parts and assembly errors


The motor must have higher balance accuracy, otherwise it will cause vibration of the whole or parts. Vibration not only produce corrugated parts, reduce the finish, but also cause long-range instability, seriously affecting product quality.

Shanghai Jianping R & D new motor assembly automatic balancing machine, because of this dynamic balance technology is easy to operate, intuitive readings, you can balance different power motor, etc., so it is praised by many manufacturers and equipment repair shops


Motor automatic balancing machine is mainly used in the overall dynamic balance of the motor, fully consider the precision of the overall components balancing, automatic balancing machines can effectively eliminate the vibration caused by bearing parts and assembly errors


After a specially designed hard support bracket system, the measurement range is expanded and the failure rate is reduced. Customized special fixtures, due to the use of fast chuck fastening, can be perfectly applied to the overall dynamic balance. Rapid detection and computing system, rquip with high precision automatic weight mechanism, can be highly efficient product testing and de-weight