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The Trend On Balancing Machines Developing

The balance machines designed 20 years age are still, is still being used nowadays. But compared with the modern machine, only a small part is the same. In general, these years the rotor is still installed in the bearing, the drive mode is not much change, electronic technology is not very mature, and usually only use a simple mechanical measurement. In order to improve the test sensitivity and select the frequency, to measure below the resonant frequency, this method is a very good, commonly used choice. Initially, the angle of unbalance is determined by empirical guessing, as is the case in plane separation of multi-plane calibration.


Microprocessor control technology is one of the world's dynamic balance technology development direction.
With the development of electronic technology and the popularity of rigid rotor balance theory, most of the balance equipment in the 1950s have adopted electronic measurement technology. The balancing machine of the plane separation circuit effectively eliminates the interaction between the left and right sides of the balance work piece. Electric measurement system from scratch has gone through the flash, watt meter, digital, microcomputer and other stages, the last appeared automatic balancing machine.


China's auto industry continues to develop, car production and sales will continue to increase in the future. At the same time as the number of scrapped cars and used cars continue to increase, making the car dedicated detection and maintenance equipment development and production more and more people's attention, such as horizontal balancing machines and other key equipment production and development, will inevitably receive more attention. How to efficiently and rationally develop and produce all kinds of automatic balancing machines is the focus of continuous research by enterprises and research institutes.

 Motor Automated Balancing Machines

The future of the automatic balancing machine market is developing rapidly.
In the past, due to low labor costs, most of the domestic auto parts manufacturers use manual balance correction tools to adjust the rotating parts of the dynamic balance. Manual completion of a moving parts of the dynamic balance, usually need to operate the workers in accordance with their own experience, repeat 4-5 times the test and weight, weight process, low efficiency and balance accuracy is not high, too much cut will be weakened Rotary body performance, cannot meet the production needs. Automatic balancing machine can complete eccentric testing, cutting to heavy process and retest process, generally once, up to two tests and cutting to complete the dynamic balance, its efficiency, balance accuracy and balance consistency Is manual correction cannot match.