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Wheel Hub Automatic Balancing Machine

The wheel hub is one of the important parts of the automobile. With the economic development in recent years, the automobile has almost spread all over the family, and the automobile industry is booming. Among them, the wheel hub is growing stronger in the auto parts industry. Better to ensure the quality of the hub, balance performance and service life, Jianping launched a fully automatic balancing machine for the wheel hub, helping the wheel hub manufacturing industry


What is a wheel hub and what is its role?

Everyone has seen the four wheels of a car. Where is the wheel hub? It is a part of a circular cylinder that supports the tire around the shaft in the car tire. In layman's terms, that is, the part of the middle axle of the wheel, which links the important parts of the brake disc (brake drum), the tire is the rubber part of the car, and its material is soft. The tire itself is supported by the inner profile of the tire, and the component whose center is mounted on the shaft is called a hub. The wheel hub is an important component to support the car tires, so the balance and quality requirements are high. According to this important factor, the Jianping car wheel hub automatic balancing machine is suitable for the dynamic balance correction of the car wheel hub. a device

Jp Automobile Wheel Hub Automatic Balancer

The machine is designed for fully automated assembly line, which helps the tire automation to be greatly improved, which also improves the efficiency of balance correction. The control of time, the automatic balancing machine for automobile wheel hub adopts self-detection system, measurement operation The control function is integrated, the control interface is clear and clear, and the operation is simple.

Compared with the ordinary manual loading and unloading machine, this wheel hub fully automatic balancing machine can be linked with the unmanned automatic line equipment, which implements the seamless link of the equipment and produces the continuation of the beat, thus reducing the labor. Damage to the loading and unloading, but also reduces the impact of placement on accuracy